About Us

G Buckingham & Company, are award-winning Independent Financial Advisors & Mortgage Brokers established, in Ealing, West London, UK, since 1973.

Buying a home can be one of the finest and most profitable transactions that you will ever undertake – but if you are not careful, it can prove to be a big headache. We believe that our mortgage and life assurance advice services will help you prevent that potential headache. We are a friendly company, with the experience and expertise to give you personal attention with your home purchase.

For five consecutive years, we were featured among the finalists and category winners of the Planned Savings IFA of the year awards. Our financial services have been featured in an array of national magazines, including “Buying Your Home” and “Moneywise Magazine” as well as local publications. We have also been featured in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mirror and on BBC and ITV.

To help explain how our independent financial advice services can help you, we would like to answer below some of the main questions which we are sometimes posed by prospective clients…

How do you operate your services?

Basically, there are three main things we do. One is to advise a client on the amount of mortgage we can get. Two, find a mortgage for him/ her. Three, assist with the form filling and liaise between the client and the estate agents, solicitors and so on. To do the job properly we have to have an intimate knowledge of mortgages, insurance and finance.

We have to keep up to date with all the latest information on new policies, lending schemes and interest rates, etc. We also have “preferred” status with some lenders, so that we know we can go to them for priority for our clients. Since 1973, we have assisted thousands of borrowers in obtaining the right mortgage to meet their needs. Why not give us the chance to show that we can do the same for you ?

How do I benefit from using your services?

We save you valuable time, anxiety and probably a lot of money as well. When possible, we offer you a choice of mortgages and will assist you in selecting the most suitable one for your needs and circumstances. We’ll also show you how you can protect your mortgage against sickness, accident, redundancy, critical illness and death. Our computerised scheme helps us select the best products and the best mortgage rates for you.

When you but a home, you are probably going to spend more money than you have ever previously spent in your life. Let us help you spend that money wisely. We offer a “golden mortgage service” which incorporates the requirement of the Mortgage Code. This service includes providing you with an analysis of cost and useful guidance literature. We will also disclose which level of service we will give you.

I have just chosen a property and need a mortgage for my home. What shall I do?

Contact us immediately. We shall try to obtain an “in principle” decision for you without delay and at the most favourable terms possible. We will than let you know the particulars and make an appointment so that the formal mortgage application can proceed. We will help you with much of the form-filling, etc. We shall also be pleased to advise you, if required, on using a solicitor and surveyor and, of course, will help you throughout the transaction.

Are you an independent?

We certainly are. We are also completely impartial! Although we have very strong connections with lenders, insurers, solicitors and estate agents we always put your interests first. We were, in fact, one of the first recognised mortgage brokers in the West London area to qualify for authorisation under the Financial Services Act and we were founder members of Independent Financial Advisor Promotions and are regulated by the Personal Investment Authority, the IFA Association and the Life Insurance Association. In addition we belong to the West London and Ealing Chamber of Commerce and are licensed by the Office of Fair Trading, under the Consumer Credit Act.

How do you charge for your financial advice services?

In the vast majority of cases, especially where the mortgage is covered by a suitable Life Assurance Policy, we make no brokerage charge. If it is, however, necessary for a charge to be made, it will be within guidelines laid down by the trade and professional organisations and you will be advised of this at the outset.

What other services are available from G Buckingham & Company?

  • Deposit Loans and Top-Ups
  • Capital Raising
  • Second mortgages, Investment Property Mortgages & second home purchase
  • Re-mortgages and Home Improvement Loans
  • Buy-to-let mortgages
  • Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection and Redundancy Cover
  • Special Terms for Directors and Self-Employed
  • Special Help for Those with Impaired Credit Ratings