We have always taken a great pride in the mortgage service we offer our customers. Since April 1998, we have been a voluntary member of the new Mortgage Code, which sets standards of good mortgage lending practice, incorporating safeguards for customers. We have used this as an opportunity to enhance even further our level of care, guidance and expertise.

Choice of products – As a general rule, we offer what we believe most customers require these days, e.g. we provide information on the range of mortgage products in the market to enable you to choose a mortgage. We believe that most borrowers do prefer to be given a choice and invariably appreciate our guidance on comparing the different lenders and products etc. Therefore offer this service so that you can make an informed choice of which to take.

If, however, you would like us to advise and recommend on a single product or type of product, or if you simply wish us to give you information on a single mortgage product only, please let us know.

Individual guidance – The guidelines for the mortgage code emphasises that it is not necessary for us to provide the same information to all customers, as everyone’s needs are different. Depending on your financial knowledge and previous experience, aspects of the information may already be understood by you, or the information may already have been given to you by us during an earlier meeting or conversation. We will therefore focus more precisely on what detail and guidance is most appropriate for you.

Truly independent service – We are not tied to any lender nor any insurer or any other professional practice. This means that we can offer you an exceptionally wide range of products and services, without any bias. In addition, our membership of certain organisations, our agency arrangements and our volume of business levels, does give us access to certain exclusive and sometimes enhanced, mortgage products.

We can also advise you on getting an overseas mortgage, to buy a second home as a holiday home or an investment. To find out more about obtaining an overseas mortgage, visit our sister site.

We regularly review the mortgage market – In line with market conditions to enable appropriate advice and information to be given. However, in certain circumstances, where a limited range or a single product only is recommended (e.g. because of the nature of your inquiry and/ or due to particular considerations) we will explain to you the reasons for doing so.